Frequent Asked Questions

1. What's the production lead time?

For initial samples, usually 5 days. If mold is required, please add 20-40 days.

For mass production, please allow 30 days and 30 days for shipping.

We have good relationships with steel mills, so we can get raw material rather quickly.

2. What's the import duty to USA for steel products?

See Chapter 73 of US Tariff Schedule. Typically, the duty is free except for some specific products.
   For example, 3.2 -4.3% for pipe fittings. 2% for stainless steel kitchen. 3.9% for steel wire. 3.2% for steel flanges.

3. What kind of drawing formats do you take?

AutoCAD, Igs, Solidworks, PDF, JPG, and most 3D drawing formats.

4. Can you produce steel parts in dimensions according to US (ASTM), British standards?

Yes. However, for cost saving purpose, we might need to explore options for substitution.?

5. Is the steel material I need available in China?

In most cases, yes. There's almost always a substitution material in China. We can provide chemical composition reports and physical test results(tensile strength, compression strength, elongation...) from 3 rd party labs.

6. How well do you communicate?

We have over 5 people in our company who speak fluent English. We also have a sales manager who is native French. Many of our engineers can write and understand English and are familiar with international engineering standards.

7. What are your payment terms?

We typically ask for 30% -40% down payments to start production. Credit terms can be discussed.

   8. Which countries do you work with now?

   Most of our foreign customers are in Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Israel, France and Australia.

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